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WinSettings Pro 10.7 you can clean up duplicate, temporary, and junk files
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WinSettings Pro is a utility to keep your system working at full performance. The everyday computer use generates a lot of issues that have to be managed in order to get an excellent user experience and full productivity. This also will reduce frustrations and worries when you see your work wasn’t done on time due to problems with the Registry, when the system runs out of space or when the recycle bin is full. 
With WinSettings Pro you can centralize all of these tasks that otherwise are spread in multiple applications: setting up the services that will be running on the system, removing your traces of the computer user or cleaning up correctly uninstalled programs.
You can also search for duplicated files, or simply customize your desktop to make your system look better and original, with the auto wallpaper changer, or with the addition of background music, just to mention two of them.
You can manage all of theses items with high levels of security thanks to the password protection of the system.

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  • Centralized maintenance tasks
  • Additional desktop customization possibilities. Complete set of system tools


  • When the program is terminated the resident instance remains
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